About us

Employers’ associations and trade unions jointly founded the Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry, SBUF, in 1983.

SBUF is the construction industry's organisation for research and development with approximately 3,000 affiliated companies in Sweden. Founding members of SBUF are:

How SBUF operates

SBUF operates with a board, four committees and a secretariat. SBUF members are represented on the board and the committees. One or more committees (building, civil engineering, mechanical services) are screening the applications and makes suggestions about grants for development projects before the board makes the decision. The research committee handles applications for university research in co-operation with the companies. About 100 projects are being granted yearly.

SBUF supports as well national research programmes like Competitive Building, Sustainable Building and IT Construction & Real Estate 2002.

How SBUF is financed

Funds are raised from members in proportion to number of annually employed.

How SBUF spends its money

SBUF spends about 60 million Swedish kronor yearly on support for development and research projects. However, the companies running the projects finance part of the projects. Projects are co-financed with government support, mostly from The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas) but also from The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova), Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and other research organisations. SBUF contributes to several major research programmes founded on co-operation between companies and technical universities.

How results are published

Final reports from about 60 projects annually are spread to members and subscribers through information leaflets (SBUF-informerar) with summaries of results. Information on, for instance, current projects, master and doctoral theses are found on SBUF's website, www.sbuf.se.

Other information channels to which SBUF contributes are periodicals, leaflets, videos, seminars, conferences, demonstrations and exhibitions.